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Africa not only has inadequate infrastructure to meet the demands of her growing population, but it is also faced with ageing infrastructure that requires upgrading. To support this growth in population and ensure that basic needs are met, infrastructure development needs to take place on a wide scale, which will rely on Engineering & Build Environment expertise for effective implementation. Infrastructure forms one of the most fundamental building blocks in promoting economic development and promoting quality of life. The AL for Infrastructure network provides a platform where young leaders can connect with seasoned professionals to allow for intergenerational knowledge transfer in industry practices and new ideas that can power the industry forward.

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Our Partners

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What we do

Guided by SDGs 6 (clean water & sanitation); 7 (affordable, clean energy), 9 (industry, innovation & infrastructure) and 11 (sustainable cities), the network enhances the participation of young leaders in finding innovative and technology-driven solutions
towards sustainable infrastructure that will be resilient, promote inclusivity and minimize the impacts of climate change. Our initiatives are:

  • Tech-based hackathons
  • Design and innovation challenges
  • Coaching and Career Guidance
  • Virtual and In-Person Events
  • Infrastructure Sector Employer Engagement

Infrastructure Impact Report

The continent’s population is projected to more than double to 4.3 billion people by 2050. Africa not only has inadequate infrastructure to meet the demands of her growing population,...

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How to Use Maggot Farming for Economic Gender Equity | Janepher Matini


Janepher initiated a campaign “Nhiife Initiative” with fellow peers against teenage pregnancy in 2020. This initiative invites Mayuge skilled youth to uplift unskilled teenage mothers in various technical skills. Today, teenage mothers, through cooperatives have started up small-scale businesses hence promoting business enterprising in Mayuge district. She is also a female youth councilor of Mayuge 2021-2026 which has best positioned her to serve the youth effectively. Janepher is a co-founder of “Women Income Network”, one of the winning ventures of the social venture challenge at the Baobab Summit of 2021. This venture aims at increasing the household income of female-headed households through maggot farming.

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Frontend Developer (UI/UX Specialist)

Future African Scientist

Marketing Manager, Variable Speed Drives

South Africa
Schneider Electric

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