The image features a logo with the outline of Africa in dark red, with the white letters
The image features a logo with the outline of Africa in dark red, with the white letters

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AL for Education will develop a new generation of leaders who will work together to drive transformation in Africa’s education sector. We will catalyse connections between key players in education that will accelerate the career pathways of our young leaders into the education space. The Anzisha Education Accelerator will cultivate and support aspiring education entrepreneurs and will enable them to share resources, information, best practice and opportunities with each other in order to magnify their impact.

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ACN @10 Report

The journey toward improving youth employability on the continent is long and winding. Our mission to address brain drain and the skills gap must be strong and resilient, clear...

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Meet Sakhile Ntshangase (ALA Class of 2015, South Africa) who is leveraging the power of music and culture to accelerate business across film, television, gaming, sports, and related platforms.

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