Kigutu International Academy in Burundi has officially launched!

KIA has welcomed an inaugural class of 32 students to campus last month

KIA has welcomed an inaugural class of 32 students to campus last month and has officially launched the secondary school seeking to develop a generation of change-makers, leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers in Burundi. Leading up to the launch, the team at KIA has worked hard to recruit the first class, hire a diverse teaching team, renovate the campus and build the community. The inaugural class of KIA represents 8 of the 18 provinces of Burundi, selected through a competitive application process of over 200 applicants. The students have diverse interests, from the Arts, to medicine to entrepreneurship, but share an eagerness for transform the country.

KIA is dedicated to a different model of teaching and learning.  “At KIA, learning happens both inside and outside the classroom with a focus on hands-on and active learning, as we develop a new generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and entrepreneurial leaders for Burundi.” (Liz Berry Gips, Executive Director).

Get involved by mentoring a student or follow KIA’s progress on social media.

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