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About Us

AL for Agribusiness is a network that supports and develops young leaders who contribute to the transformation of the agriculture sector across Africa. We catalyse connections between key stakeholders along the agriculture value chain to create an ecosystem that facilitates diverse career pathways for our young leaders. We support aspiring agripreneurs in their efforts to build innovative ventures that will drive productivity and job creation in their communities. The network fosters powerful and sustainable intergenerational relationships that enable the exchange of information and know how to positively impact rural livelihoods.

Since inception in 2020, the network has created platforms for the young leaders to connect with each other and access opportunities to participate in the broader agrifood system.

Meet the Team

Nono Sekhoto

Program Manager

Nono is an alum of Oklahoma State University Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship Programme, African Management Institute, University of Pretoria, University of Free State, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Institute of Directorship in UK. She is currently enrolled at the Rome Business School to pursuing an International Masters in Agribusiness.