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AL for Governance

AL for Governance is a network of impact-driven public leaders who share a commitment to address Africa’s most pressing governance and development challenges. We believe that lasting peace and shared prosperity on the African continent is only possible if we build and sustain accountable institutions together. Our network aims to develop a new generation of ethical public leaders who will work together to address the public leadership crisis in Africa. The network will facilitate diverse career pathways for our young leaders into the governance sector, catalyse connections between members, and foster powerful intergenerational mentorship relationships to drive lasting change.

Umholi we Africa Fellowship

The Umholi we Africa (UwA) Fellowship, initiated by the African Leadership Academy (ALA) is a transformative two-year fellowship designed to cultivate the next generation of African senior leaders in governance and public service.

The AL for Governance Journal

The AL for Governance Journal is a non-academic multidisciplinary publication that aims to bring together African authors and scholars from around the continent to share knowledge on governance and development. This quarterly publication intends to provide a forum for exchanging and debating topics of social, political, and economic growth, both for academic and policy purposes. The Journal will focus on opinion pieces, policy briefs and academic articles written by AL for Governance Network members.