Working together to develop the next generation of African leaders


Why become a partner

The school-to-work transition is not often a smooth one, especially for young Africans who face a higher rate of unemployment compared to their counterparts in developed economies.

Over the last decade, we have partnered with employers, universities, and other institutions who see the value in accelerating the career pathways of young people and address the continent’s most pressing challenges.

  • Boost your workforce hiring a young leader as an intern or as a full time member of your team;
  • Take advantage of the innovative and fresh perspective of younger generations to solve your organizational challenges; and
  • Promote your commitment to the continent by offering invaluable work experience to young, talented Africans.

Our Partners

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How you can partner

Our communities foster a vibrant exchange of ideas, opportunities, and mentorship across a range of sectors – including agribusiness, the arts, education, health, governance, and infrastructure. Our graduates seek mentors, speakers, advisors, and investors across each of these sector communities as we bring to life a collective vision for Africa.

How you can partner with us to make a long-term impact:
• Hire our talent;
• Support our alumni on campus;
• Attend an event as a speaker or mentor; or
Fund our programs financially.

Hire our talent

By becoming an Employer Partner, you can make a lifelong impact in the lives of young people across the continent. By offering internships and full-time opportunities, you can provide valuable work experience and resources to those who are eager to learn and grow in their career.

Additionally, you can bring fresh perspectives to your organisation and benefit from the diverse ideas and energy of younger generations.

Boost your workforce while promoting your commitment to the continent by hiring a young leader as an intern or as a full-time member of your team.

Are you an Employer?

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