About Us

We are the driving force behind nurturing and connecting Africa’s emerging talents in key professional fields, including Law and Legal Services, Data Sciences, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Human Resources, Marketing and Consulting. Our division is dedicated to bridging the gap between skilled professionals and the opportunities that await them, both within the continent and on the global stage.

Our essence is to elevate the standard of professional services across Africa, fostering a community where innovation, excellence, and leadership are not just encouraged but expected. Through targeted development programs, strategic career matching, and expansive networking opportunities, we empower our members to not only excel in their careers but also to contribute significantly to Africa’s development and global representation.

As we forge ahead, our vision is clear: to position Africa’s professional services at the forefront of global innovation and leadership. By doing so, we aim to catalyse not only individual success but collective progress for our continent and beyond.

Meet the Team

Pearl Utuk

Program Manager

Pearl is a development professional from Nigeria who has worked with numerous cross-functional teams to improve equity across communities and increase social accountability. She has led several cross-continental civic tech initiatives. Pearl is the founder of Teach the Child Initiative in Nigeria; an NGO that promotes and advocates for the adoption of 21st Century teaching approaches to accelerate foundational literacy and numeracy skills in public schools. She envisions a world where every child, in spite of their background, can become economically self-sufficient adults through improved literacy and digital skills. She is a 2022 Mandela Washington Fellow, with the support of the United States Department of State and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Ilorin.

Tinyiko Nyathi

Network Coordinator

Meet Tinyiko Nyathi, a dynamic UX strategist driven by a fervent passion for professional development, social impact, and STEM initiatives. With a rich background in project development and management, Tinyiko blends her expertise in UX strategy, project management, content creation, and design thinking to approach every endeavour with mindfulness and a competitive edge. Armed with a BA degree in Development and Management from Northwest University, Tinyiko has honed her skills and knowledge to become a force for positive change in the fields of health and education.

Meet the Consulting Club Advisory Board

Damaris Lilech, HR Director, Open Capital

Damaris Lilech is a highly accomplished Human Resources Management expert with a strong track record in driving organizational success through strategic HR management, change management, and culture transformation. With extensive experience across diverse industries including education, banking, and professional services, Damaris brings a wealth of insights to her role. Her key competencies include developing comprehensive HR strategies aligned with organizational goals, designing effective talent acquisition initiatives and development, coaching individuals and teams in emotional intelligence for improved collaboration, creating learning cultures, implementing talent management strategies, fostering employee engagement, designing performance management systems, conducting competency assessments, developing succession planning frameworks, and providing career coaching. Damaris is dedicated to optimizing human capital and achieving sustainable growth through effective HR practices

Elspeth Boynton, Co-Founder and CEO, diiVe

Elspeth is a visionary leader, committed to revolutionizing education and empowering the next generation to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Her relentless pursuit of innovative learning experiences and her dedication to empowering individuals make her a driving force behind diiVe's success and the positive impact it creates worldwide. Elspeth's recent accomplishments also include designing the high-level structure and detailed curriculum for a Bachelor's Degree program at a leading South African tertiary institution. Elspeth is dedicated to developing students. She empowers them to discover and align their personal purpose and passion with a meaningful career, map out future paths, leverage their networks, and communicate their journeys through captivating storytelling.

Daniel Materu, Partner, Deloitte

Digital practitioner and leader with a proven track record operating across industries including financial services, energy & resources, health, development and public sectors in the Africa and Asia-Pacific Regions. Over 15 years of experience with expertise spanning large-scale digital transformations, technology strategy & architecture, business strategy & operating model design, program management, digital policy advisory & research, IT service management and innovation enablement. A true passion for innovation, in particular enriching the innovation ecosystem through the application of technology.

Dr Maximillian Matschke, Managing Partner, Anura Partners

Dr. Maximillian Matschke is a highly accomplished Managing Partner at Anura Partners, with extensive work experience spanning various sectors and regions. With a diverse professional background in consulting, start-ups, corporate settings, and non-profit organizations, Max brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. In terms of industry focus, Max specializes in automotive, public sector, energy infrastructure, industrial and engineering services, and private equity. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricacies and challenges within these sectors, allowing him to provide strategic guidance and drive impactful solutions for clients. Dr. Maximillian Matschke is a dynamic and visionary professional, committed to helping organizations thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

George Asamani, Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, PMI

George Asamani is a distinguished professional with extensive experience in project management across Africa. As the Managing Director of PMI Africa, he drives strategic leadership, advancing the project management profession in the region. George fosters collaboration, promotes excellence, and leverages best practices to empower individuals and organizations for efficient project outcomes. His expertise spans infrastructure, technology, healthcare, and energy, and he is recognized as a trusted advisor and sought-after speaker at international conferences. Before joining PMI Africa, George held key leadership positions in renowned multinational organizations, successfully leading large-scale projects and implementing transformative initiatives. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with a Master's degree in Business Administration, he blends business acumen with project management principles. George's visionary leadership, analytical skills, and commitment to social responsibility make him a driving force in advancing the project management profession in Africa and beyond.

Chloe Lambrinidou, Program Manager, Libra Philanthropies

Chloe Lambiridou is a dedicated program manager at Libra Philanthropies, where she plays a crucial role in supporting the foundation's grantmaking operations, partnerships, and impact measurement. With a passion for driving positive change, Chloe also contributes to the foundation's nonprofit social initiatives by providing assistance in fundraising, marketing, and programmatic needs. With her expertise and commitment to philanthropy, Chloe ensures the successful execution of projects and the fulfillment of the foundation's mission to make a lasting impact on society. Connect with Chloe to learn more about her work and explore collaboration opportunities in the realm of philanthropy and social initiatives.