Zeraki: Easy and Accessible Learning Solutions for an Improved Schooling System

It is our mission to alight our network members with opportunities that will enrich their lives and hone their skills as professionals and leaders in the infrastructure sector. That is why we work closely with employer partners such as Zeraki, to connect our talent with the right jobs and internships.

Zeraki is a Kenyan e-learning service provider that aims to solve some of the toughest challenges encountered in providing quality education in Africa. Through cutting-edge solutions, they provide insights that enable informed decision-making, provide access to quality instruction, and take the stress out of everyday administrative tasks.

They are motivated by the goal of enhancing the learning experience for educators and students and leverage technology to accelerate learning, support data-driven decision making and help parents stay closely connected with their children’s learning journey. With a presence in East, West and Southern Africa, they are empowering education stakeholders and bringing greater accessibility to high quality learning.

Their core product, Zeraki Analytics, is transforming the way educational data is collected, analyzed, and used. It is the most widely used school management system in Kenya. This easy-to-use platform performs daily administrative tasks on behalf of educators, allowing them to whole focus on their students.

Another one of Zeraki’s technology platforms is Zeraki Learning. This is an e-learning app that comprises video lessons and assessment tests by highly experienced teachers; enabling the user to learn, take tests, and track their performance. The videos include all lessons within the 8-4-4 high school curriculum with a focus on mathematics and the sciences. A student falling behind in class, or a student who needs to review material they have covered in class, can access these materials on a mobile device by downloading the Zeraki app; while schools can access the Zeraki platform offline in their Local Area Networks, or even on TV screens.

With Zeraki Finance, schools get to manage and control their accounts more effectively by offering cashflow summaries, receipting, pledges tracking, expense tracking, and reporting. Zeraki Timetables is a class scheduling tool for teachers that seamlessly integrates into Zeraki Analytics.

Zeraki is providing contemporary solutions to an age old industry. Of course, just as any successful initiative can attest, challenges are a part of the journey. One of the major challenges that this service has faced is the inaccess to digital devices in schools. Most schools ban cell phones on their premises to prevent learning distractions, which means that students can only access Zeraki in their computer labs at school. Schools don’t ordineraly have a 1-on-1 supply of computers for students, which leads to crowded access to individual devices. This means that Zeraki is better accessible to students during the school holidays – a slight impendiment to the general usefulness of the app.

As society at large continues to become more digitalised, we believe that our day-to-day structures will follow suit. Thankfully, Zeraki will be at the other end of modernization, ready to meet all of our e-learning and analytical needs, one download at a time.

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