Portrait: Yahya Bouhaik, ALA Alumni

In June 2022, I found myself at a crossroads. Fresh out of the African Leadership Academy (ALA), I was brimming with dreams and aspirations, yet none of the universities I had hoped to attend had offered a feasible path. It was a moment of stark uncertainty and for two long months, I wrestled with my direction and purpose and thought about what I could do to make up for the time I wouldn’t be in university. Amid this introspection, I stumbled upon a profound truth: purpose is not a predetermined path, but a choice we make every day. It’s the fuel that keeps us awake at night, filled with ideas and possibilities, and the force that propels us out of bed each morning with a sense of mission. With this newfound clarity, I decided to channel my energy into a venture that could transform lives, starting with my community – Africa.

My passion for entrepreneurship has been a constant in my life. I had launched six businesses before, each teaching me valuable lessons through their failures. At ALA, I founded APPEER, a Design and Marketing Student Enterprise, where I honed my skills and learned the importance of resilience and adaptability. These experiences laid the groundwork for what was to come. This time, I decided to channel my energy into solving a problem I deeply cared about. The vision was clear: to help fellow entrepreneurs navigate their uncertainties and grow their ventures.

Two months after graduation, I embarked on a new journey with a new business. Rexeed was created to offer innovative digital solutions like web design, branding, mobile and software development, aimed at tackling modern-day business problems. I spent the last quarter of 2022 redefining the business model, developing a compelling brand identity, organizing finances, and setting quarterly goals. It was a time of relentless effort and unwavering belief in the mission. Early 2023 marked a significant milestone. With partners who brought technical expertise, we began working with our immediate circle of family members and friends who owned businesses or startups. This initial phase, though humble, allowed us to make a small profit and officially register the business under Rexeed Agency SARL in Morocco in February 2023.

The entrepreneurial journey, however, is rarely a straight path. By May 2023, one partner left due to personal hardships, and a year later, the other partner departed as well, after failing to see progress. Once again, I was the sole founder. But this time, I felt more aligned with Rexeed’s original mission. The departures were not setbacks but opportunities to return to the core values that had inspired Rexeed’s creation. Despite the challenges, Rexeed started to gain momentum. We worked with clients from Africa and around the globe, delivering innovative solutions and a range of design services that addressed their unique business problems. Recently, I began planning short-form content for
young entrepreneurs, where I document Rexeed’s journey and share my entrepreneurial learnings on social media. This initiative brought me closer to my initial goal: empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and insights they need to succeed.

Amidst these developments, another exciting chapter unfolded. I enrolled in a university in Japan to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and moved there in March 2023. Balancing university, running a business, and maintaining a personal life has been a delicate act. Rexeed’s story is still unfolding. We haven’t reached the pinnacle of success yet, but every day brings us closer. Our vision for the African continent is vast—empowering businesses through digital transformation, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. We are dedicated to creating unique, transformative experiences that not only meet but (Re) exceed expectations, evoking emotions and inspiring change. The next chapter is filled with promise as we continue to craft tailored solutions and write our story, one innovative project at a time.

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