Meet the New AL for Agribusiness Marketing Intern

Renatus Mshomba, an ALA alumnus and Entrepreneurship student at the African Leadership University joins the AL for Agribusiness network as a Marketing Intern.

When I first opened Adobe Suite, I saw nothing. In time I discovered the trick. Practice and learning.

Not much longer, I began mastering the tricks; I could create beautiful designs, play with the colors, the typography, reimagine words and images. I designed posters and flyers. Developed brand strategies and marketing campaigns. Created logos and presentations. In time, I was ready to use these skills for the students’ enterprise I had co-founded at ALA. oRoot. Our enterprise was bold, ambitious. We wanted to revolutionize agriculture, to create organic fertilizers designed for the African landscape, with the African farmer in mind. We researched and built. We tested and failed and built again. At last, we had a product, a liquid fertilizer in a 500ml bottle-that could be diluted with 200 liters of water; what a milestone! I remember one of our board members asking, “I want to buy it, how much can I pay!”. That’s when we knew we had hit the jackpot. This journey made me love agriculture. I became passionate about food. Feeding the people.

Fast forward and now working with AL for Agribusiness, my goal is clear: to connect with, capture, and share all the amazing stories from African agripreneurs. Stories that inspire and motivate. Stories that innovate and push the agricultural frontiers. I am Renatus Mshomba. I am excited about this journey and I hope you can’t wait to hear amazing stories of our African agripreneurs!

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