Highlights from the South African Ideas Festival

This February saw the commencement of the 2024 South African Ideas Festival hosted at African Leadership Academy (ALA). This is a student-led initiative organized by the Bezos Scholars in the Academy and this year’s festival was conducted under the theme: “Transforming Potential into Profession.’’ Such a program invited about twenty youths from Johannesburg, South Africa to partake in a plethora of informative and mind-opening workshops designed to unearth their potential and prepare them for employment opportunities.

To kick start this festival, Michelle Peters from ALA’s Africa Careers Network team led a session on career discovery, what influences your career choices, and how to identify relevant career pathways, and it was nothing short of excellence. This session delved deep into the aspects that individuals should consider before exploring career paths which include but are not limited to passion, aligning your values to your work, and financial sustainability. Participants had the chance to be enlightened on the importance of navigating careers relevant to solving current global challenges.

Through the RIASEC Model of Occupational Themes, the participants were exposed to ways to align their personalities, passions, and interests with different careers in different sectors while also connecting those careers to a global challenge that can be resolved by them in their various communities. The participants expressed that “the session brought to their attention important points about the career world which they had no idea of before”.

Article by ALA Student, Sibongo Siphiwayinkosi Ndzinisa

About South African Ideas Festival

South African Ideas Festival is organized and executed by the Bezos Scholars from the African Leadership Academy. The Bezos Scholars are a chosen group of students from around America and the African Leadership Academy, who are sponsored by the Bezos Scholars Program to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival and soon after create their own Local Ideas Festival in their communities The festival aims to create a platform that connects innovative youth to develop their ideas and leadership skills for them to realize their potential for lasting impact. We hope that through this we will help create a youthful generation with innovative mindsets and design thinking skills to address global issues and create lasting impact in any community.

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