Call for Applications – Nomination to Feature in the Infrastructure Report

At the infrastructure sector, we see an unending wave of entrepreneurs, innovators and career professionals working hard to make our vision of inclusive, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure a reality in our lifetime. Contribute to the AL for Infrastructure report and share your story.

We are pleased to inform you that we have created an AL for Infrastructure Report, a yearly publication by AL for Infrastructure team detailing the work done by young leaders and partners in the infrastructure network. The report will focus on specific work towards the development of sustainable infrastructure in nine infrastructure subsectors including Energy and Power, Manufacturing and Production, Water and Sanitation, Telecommunication and Digital Technology, Transportation, Engineering Design and Advisory, Construction and Town Planning, Architecture and Design and Climate Change.  The report will feature three stories under each subsector.  

In line with our model to ignite collaborative impact within the sector, this report will be important in highlighting and creating visibility of the work done by our network members in the infrastructure sector. Widely communicating these success, innovation, entrepreneurial and professional journeys will bring renewed enthusiasm and vibrancy within the network to address other infrastructure gaps. 

We hope to use the report to further reinforce the role of young people in creating impactful solutions for the continent and why other ecosystem players need their voices and expertise in the current and future infrastructure development initiatives. 

Key Elements  

Infrastructure Subsector Features 

There will be three stories under each subsector highlighting the breakthroughs made by our young leaders in their quest to create sustainable infrastructure solutions for the continent. This is where you belong. 

Partner Features 

There will be one partner feature for each subsector. The partner features will focus on how our partners are changing the narrative and providing infrastructural solutions that change livelihoods and foster lasting positive impact on the continent.  

Students Features 

This section will feature infrastructure-related research done by ALA Year 2 students. Every year, Year 2 students at ALA graduate after submitting a research thesis. Many times, those exemplary ideas are used as academic records and kept in the archives. Sharing 3 of those outstanding ideas with our community can open the doors for new possibilities. 

What Do You Need to Do? 

This is a call to young leaders like you to submit your name and what you do in order to be featured in the inaugural AL for Infrastructure Report. Please submit your name and a small writeup on what you do. Our team will organize a follow up call with you to further understand what you do and thereafter feature you in the report. Please feel free to nominate others as well. You can submit your candidature or nominate someone by filling this FORM no later than 31st September 2022. For queries, please reach out to me directly at anytime. Please nominate yourself or someone else on the basis of their professional career, community project, entrepreneurial venture or any other unique things you may be doing in your own spaces. 

We look forward to featuring your story of success, struggle, and resilience. 

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A promotional image for "AL for Infrastructure Demo Day," which is scheduled for June 19, 2024. It features logos of African Leadership Academy, Hindsight Ventures, and apix. The event focuses on manufacturing, environment, transportation, and financial services. A "Register Now" button is at the bottom.



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