Ambrose Onapa: The Multipotentialite

Ambrose Onapa, a dedicated professional with a strong passion for community development, entrepreneurship, and mentorship, is currently a final year student at Makerere University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering. Alongside his studies, Ambrose is actively involved in making a positive impact through his ventures.

Ambrose co–founded TAL Youth Uganda where he is currently the team lead. TAL Youth Uganda is a project that focuses on the economic empowerment of disadvantaged individuals, particularly single mothers, and school dropouts, with a particular emphasis on girls, in Akokoro, Apac, Northern Uganda.
With this project, Ambrose and his team address the issue of limited skills and opportunities among young people, and instead channel their potential towards community development through entrepreneurship. They do so by buying surplus sweet potatoes and transforming them into nutritious doughnuts. By doing so, TAL Youth Uganda not only utilizes available resources but also provides vocational training to its beneficiaries in production and business skills. This enables them to acquire valuable knowledge and experience in the bakery industry, ultimately improving their employability and self–sufficiency.
TAL Youth Uganda has achieved significant milestones since its inception. With the help of funds totaling over $15,000 from The Resolution Project in partnership with MasterCard Foundation, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), StartHub Africa, Oaks, and Crown; we have successfully constructed a production plant. Over the past year, they have produced over 40,000 products, benefiting not only the project’s participants but also sweet potato farmers in the area.

In addition to TAL Youth Uganda, Ambrose recently co–founded another venture called Cassavity. This initiative focuses on processing cassava into cassava flour in Africa, beginning with Sierra Leone and Uganda. The team has secured a substantial grant of up to $25,000 from the Fishbowl Challenge, instilling confidence in their ability to make a significant impact on the continent.
When asked why he chose to pursue a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Ambrose mentions his fascination with technology and communication. He is captivated by the ability to transmit information across vast distances and connect people globally. To him, Telecommunications Engineering offers a dynamic and ever–evolving field with numerous career prospects with career paths such as network planning, system integration, wireless and satellite communication, telecommunication software development, etc.

Ambrose exhibits an interest in various industries and sectors, including engineering, agriculture, community development, business, and entrepreneurship. He uses entrepreneurship as the glue that ties everything together. He is driven by the desire to identify innovative solutions to societal challenges and create sustainable ventures that address them.
As a prospective engineer, he has a strong technical foundation and a deep understanding of communication systems. This enables him to explore the intersection of technology and social impact. By leveraging his engineering skills, he can contribute to bridging the digital divide, improving connectivity, and utilizing technology for social good. Ambrose is also a Peer Coach at ALA, serves as a Scholars’ Council Representative for the MasterCard Foundation Scholar’s Program, is also a Volunteer Coordinator and Head of Mentorship at Girls Alive Uganda, and has raised over $10,000 for the General Give Back project. His leadership and mentoring experiences have honed my ability to inspire and guide others. Whether it’s coaching students, coordinating events, or representing scholars, he thrives on creating opportunities for growth and success in those around him.
Ambrose is passionate about leveraging his skills to advance communication technologies, ensure reliable networks, and drive connectivity to underserved areas. He is certainly a multipotentialite to look out for! We delight in witnessing all the innovative projects and great social impact that he embosses.
To find out more about TAL Youth Uganda, visit:
Social media: @TAL Youth Uganda

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