All Roads Lead to Poland: ALA Students Taking on an Energy Transition Challenge

After more than six months of preparation and thorough research, the long-awaited GALESS conference will start this week in Poland. We are very excited that three ALA students, Samantha Magowo, Adem Amir Ezzedini, and Fabris Mulindi are flying to Rybnik, Poland, to compete in the Global Alliance for Leading Edge Schools for Sustainability from the 25th to 30th of June 2023. They have worked exceptionally hard to ensure to put up their research together under the guidance of their ‘human library’, Ms. Efua Adabie. Read more about the GALESS challenge here.

Samantha Magowo (Republic of Zimbabwe) has a deep passion for science. Her enthusiasm for research and dedication to biotechnology make her a promising scientist. She is driven by her scientific curiosity and a deep desire to make a positive impact through research, particularly in the field of biotechnology. With a focus on advancing public health and policy, she desires to contribute to these industries to address real-world challenges. Apart from science, Samantha enjoys the arts and keenly engages them through poetry, both reading and writing, music, and through craft.

Samantha is excited to be a part of the team to represent us at the GALESS challenge. She believes that it will provide the perfect platform for engaging in transformative conversations and exchanging ideas. She hopes to expand her knowledge, stay abreast of the latest advancements in her field, and connect with experts, professionals, and fellow students who are also dedicated to making a difference. Samantha and her team are all eager to connect with like-minded individuals who share her passion for driving change and improving their respective communities.

Adem Amir Ezzedini is a rising year two student from Tunisia. His passion for STEM dates back to his scientifically oriented education in Tunisia, where he focused on Mathematics and Physics in his high school years. At ALA he is studying A-level Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. Adem found the sea to be a source of inspiration, as someone who has a unique connection to nature. This helped develop a passion in him for the environment and enthusiasm for working towards a sustainable and environmentally sound future through climate activism.

Adem has participated in several activities that have honed his passions and skills. Back in his home country, he had been a National Geography Olympiad Champion. He also represented his country as a member of Team Tunisia in the International Geography Olympiad Paris, 2022.  As a true believer in interdisciplinary approaches in responding to modern challenges, he has been an active member of the International Relations class and is part of this year’s Model African Union research class investigating sustainable farming on the continent. Adem is also a renown debater in Arabic and English. He has represented Tunisia in multiple international tournaments and debate championships. Most recently, his team made it among the breaking teams in the 6th International Schools Debate Championship, and they are to proceed to the finals.

Adem considers it an honor to represent our academy and the rising ambitious generation of African youth in Poland, as ALA will be the only African school participating in this event. He is looking forward to seeing the fruits of a year-long commitment and to discussing innovative approaches to the global transition to renewable energies. He is sure that he is going to learn a lot from his fellow participants that come from all over the world – knowledge that he will bring back and share with his community.

Our final team member, Fabris Mulindi, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He faced a challenging start to life, forced to flee as a refugee with his family to Uganda at a tender age. They settled in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, from whence his path finally led to ALA.

With his astute environmental consciousness, Mulindi constructed prototypes on the school campus, where he established his own farm. His passion for research and invention has driven him to successfully develop three prototypes that harness clean energy and mitigate climate change. He was a finalist in the Ideathone competition organized by NASE in Uganda in 2021. He was also a participant in the Operation Water ‘Water, Sanitation, and Energy Design and Innovation Challenge’ where they innovated on innovative ways to improve the water access situation in Sub Saharan Africa.

Mulindi strives to create a better, climate resilient world and therefore appreciates the GALESS platform. To him, this is an opportunity to connect with brilliant minds, engage in meaningful discussions, and most importantly, learn from fellow change-makers. He takes immense pride in being part of a community advocating for global transformation. 

We wish the team good luck and we hope that they can have a valuable learning experience.

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