A Journey of Empowerment Through Agriculture

Nancy Musa vividly remembers the challenges she faced growing up – the constant struggle for food, days without a decent meal, and the early responsibility of becoming a vegetable vendor with her young brother. Their efforts aimed at bringing home a few extra coins to provide for their family during difficult times. It wasn’t just her reality; it mirrored the fate of numerous families in her community, especially during drought years. 

The profound impact of witnessing hunger and understanding the depth of poverty among smallholder farmers fueled Nancy’s passion for change. She aspired to break free from the cycle of hardship through education, choosing to study agriculture. Years later, armed with a BSc degree in Agricultural Sciences from EARTH University, Nancy has become a knowledgeable agent of change. 

During her time at EARTH University, Nancy had the privilege of working with women agripreneurs, farmers’ associations, and young people on various community development projects. These experiences laid the groundwork for her to identify opportunities for sustainable development in both communities and the agricultural sector. Nancy actively participated in awareness campaigns on biodiversity conservation and the responsible use of natural resources. 

Currently based in Zimbabwe, Nancy is committed to promoting climate-relevant livestock production practices. Her work involves assisting smallholder farmers in adopting resilient strategies against climate change. Engaging with farmers from various districts, Nancy discusses technologies and models that can enhance agribusiness and climate-smart feeding practices, ultimately improving livelihoods and achieving food security. 

Nancy’s dedication extends beyond the field, as she actively participates in national multi-stakeholder forums. These discussions focus on policies and interventions that enhance climate-smart livestock production systems, as well as the legal framework for registering farmer varieties. Looking ahead, Nancy envisions herself working extensively in developing communities through agribusiness ventures and sustainable agricultural development. Her goal is to promote eco-friendly industrialization and enhance food security, contributing to the creation of more just societies through sustainable social and economic development – all with a deep belief that, with God’s grace, she can make a meaningful impact. 

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