The AL for Governance Journal

The AL for Governance Journal is a non-academic multidisciplinary publication that aims to bring together African authors and scholars from around the continent to share knowledge on governance and development. This quarterly publication intends to provide a forum for exchanging and debating topics of social, political, and economic growth, both for academic and policy purposes. The Journal will focus on opinion pieces, policy briefs and academic articles written by AL for Governance Network members

A man in a grey traditional outfit stands at a podium, speaking into a microphone. Behind him are three banners from different organizations, featuring various logos and texts about governance, leadership, and core values. The event appears to be a formal presentation.

Journal Principles

We value the voice of the youth in our network, dialogue, and pan-African knowledge.
• Open Access
• High quality
• Evidence-based
• Non-partisan
• Support early career researcher

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